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I am passionate about community engagement, enhancement, and empowerment. I believe participatory art and education, celebrating diversity in culture, race, sexual gender and orientation, economic status, and age, along with evolving urban design techniques, are the keys to achieving these goals. No one should be left out. No idea is insignificant. We are stronger and happier citizens when we work, live, and play together, in aesthetically pleasing environments.

I just completed my Master of Arts in Museum Studies. My research focus is “Tactical Urbanism and the Dynamic Shift to Embrace Deviance and Diversity: The Beauty and Tone of LA Street Art in Twenty-first Century Communities.” I am fascinated with contemporary art, and take advantage whenever possible to meet local and visiting artists to speak with them, watch them work, and observe how they connect with the communities in which they create and display their art. I recently volunteered as an ongoing exhibit docent for the fabulous art and activism event, INTO ACTION! It was an amazing experience sharing my passion and knowledge with visitors and working with the incredible organizers. I also take great pride in being a Native curator, as trained by heather ahtone, Senior Curator at the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma City. I regularly attend events promoting Native art and culture, as well as events addressing ethical museum collection practices and misappropriation of Native culture in art and popular culture. I have spoken at various UCLA workshops and events on Native thought in relation to museum policies and exhibit curation.

I am available for work in the fields of art curation, public art / urban planning, education, marketing, photography, social media management and analysis, collection / gallery management, community and cultural event planning and organization, and healthy living projects (with a focus on exercise as meditation and growing our own food). In addition to my degree focus on art history and architecture, photography, community organization, public planning, cultural, and environmental studies, I have extensive experience in Human Resources, finance, purchasing, marketing, printing and design. In my positions, I have exhibited a strong eye for detail, the ability to thrive and exceed expectations in varying environments, exceptional communication skills, and the capacity to meet deadlines in individual or team situations with an extremely high level of accuracy. I have studied organizational structure and change, with a focus on the role policies and procedures play in large institutions.

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